Chiara Roodt

Nina van Rooyen JNR

Chiara Roodt

Chiara Roodt is a 10-year-old actress and model, who has appeared in over 20 different advertising campaigns and commercials. Although she started with acting classes when she was eight years old, her first job was when she was only four. Her ability to act naturally and confidently has been recognised by international and local clients.

Born and bred in Cape Town, Chiara is currently a learner at Jan van Riebeeck Primary School. She loves taking part in school sports and creating videos in her free time. As a social butterfly, she loves hanging out with her friends and she and her pet cat, Roxy, are inseparable.

Nina van Rooyen JNR

A child with a wild nature, all that Nina wants to do is play in the forest. Her imagination is her refuge, she uses it to escape the abusive environment of the Van Rooyen home. She is brave and isn’t scared to challenge her father.